Race Season is Upon Us

It’s hard to believe that March is around the corner, literally. With that said, it’s now time to start registering for the season’s races.

As I’ve mentioned before, this year is the year of the Triathlon. I want to focus more on triathlons since last year I did a lot of running races. Last year, my race season seemed to be the whole year, as I did a running event nearly every month. I didn’t really get an off-season. But this year, it will be different. I do have a few running races planned, but I’m also trying to match the number of triathlons of that to running events. My schedule is very open for the most part, so I am able to do a lot of the races I have planned.

Surprisingly, I’m actually registered for more running events than I am triathlons already. These events include the San Diego Half Marathon (March 10), See Jane Run 5k (June 8), and the Disneyland Half Marathon (September 1). I honestly had no intention of running the Disneyland Half, nor had any interest in the inaugural Dumbo Challenge. But since everyone else in my family (six other people) are running in either event, I kind of had no choice. My dad went ahead and registered me. So, that’s the one race I’m not really looking forward to. I ran it last year and had hoped to spend my Labor Day weekend doing something more exciting than having to travel to Disneyland again. Oh well.

The triathlons I’m interested in are the short distances. They aren’t exactly sprint distances, they’re actually shorter than a typical sprint. I’ve participated in the Tri For Fun series for the last two years, and hope to continue using the series to build my base. These events are held only in the summer, with one triathlon a month in June, July, and August. There is also a Tri For Real, which is held in September, but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that one. I also plan to do two Mermaid Series triathlons, one held in June and the other in October. These events are the ones I’m most excited for, and require a little more training. Hopefully between now and the first event in June, I’ll get a chance to do some open water swim (OWS).

I typically like to register for races as soon as possible, or as soon as I have the funds. We all know that some races aren’t cheap. (In fact, the most expensive registration fee I’ve paid so far this year was my Tough Mudder registration: ~$135. It was not the Disneyland Half fee, as that didn’t come out of my pocket.) Sometimes, I’ll even register for 2-3 events during one week, just because I know I can immediately commit to it. Other times, I will “wait it out” and decide if I really want to do a certain race. The only downside to this would be a more expensive race fee, usually. So I’d have to make sure I can even fund a race last minute.

So that’s how I go about planning and registering for events for the new racing season. This year is a little trickier, as now my training will be all three disciplines instead of one. I will have to plan around my new training schedule.

Is your schedule very flexible when it comes to doing races, or do you have to work around other priorities? When it comes to registration, do you try to register for as many as soon as possible, or do you like to “wait it out”?


2 thoughts on “Race Season is Upon Us

    • I think after a while the racing “high” gets toned down a bit. That’s how I feel about this year, as well. I’ll be doing some more fun traveling than race traveling. It will definitely be a change of pace from having to train 24/7!

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