Quarter of a Century

As my birthday weekend is winding down, I think it’s still sinking in that I am now 25 years old.

If you want to get all technical, though, I won’t be officially 25 until 11:13pm PST. Yes, I am one of those people, the ones that wait until their actual birth time to officiate being a year older. There is nothing wrong with that. Because my birth time is long after the sun has gone down, it’s usually just me, myself and I celebrating at a late hour of the night.

But anyway.

I typically would’ve started my birthday weekend on Friday night after work let me out at 5:30pm. However, it started on Thursday night, unexpectedly and not in the way I had planned.

On Thursday night, I wasn’t feeling well. I assumed I had a really bad case of allergies since Thursday’s weather was very windy. I’m allergic to pollen and grass, and I spend a considerable amount of time outside with the kids at work, so there was no way I could really avoid not having any allergy attack. But Thursday’s case was a little more intense than usual. I was heavily congested and my throat wasn’t doing too well. I drank some NyQuil before heading to bed, with hopes that everything would go away before Friday morning.

Well, things didn’t get better, nor did they go away. My symptoms got worse, instead. I woke up at around 3:15am on Friday morning, with a headache and accompanying body aches. For once, the NyQuil didn’t really knock me out like it usually did. I spent what seemed like forever tossing and turning in my bed, trying to get comfortable and trying to get back to bed.

Of course, the moment I finally got into a deep sleep, my 6am alarm clock went off. I was to be at the office by 8am, as usual on a Friday morning. But I woke up with an even worse headache, with the pain smack in the middle of my face, and a high fever. Automatically, I assumed a sinus infection, since those are the two big symptoms that I get when they randomly come along. Thankfully, they don’t come along often; my last sinus infection was in 2011 and I was sick a week before I graduated from college.

I tried to sleep it off for a little longer, but I knew I was going to have to call in sick to the office. I sent my boss and two coworkers a text letting them know I wasn’t going to make it, and tried to fall asleep again. With the mix of my headache, fever, nasal congestion and body aches, there was just no hope finding sleep. I tossed and turned, I was very uncomfortable.

I opted not to go to the doctor because (1) I didn’t want to drive myself for half an hour to where my doctor is located and (2) it was the weekend and I figured I could just spend the whole weekend in bed sleeping off this illness, whatever it was.

I was still running my fever by noon time, and I was also starving. I asked my brother to go get me some pho after he was done at the gym, and he was nice enough to bring me back my favorite shrimp pho. Unfortunately, I could barely enjoy it since my taste buds were shot. That was probably more disappointing than having to miss work. I love food, and eating, and not being able to taste anything was SO HORRIBLE.

I felt bad having to call off my Friday night plans as well as my Saturday morning plans, I honestly felt like I was dying and there was no way I was going to be able to go anywhere. Friday night plans included dinner at a restaurant in Oakland that I wanted to try, and Saturday morning plans were a hike with Christine. I was very devastated that I wouldn’t be able to get some mileage in….

I texted my other boss at about 12:45pm, about an hour before my second work shift was about to start to let him know that I wasn’t going to make it in. I felt bad because I work with kids, and I know they’re always concerned when their program leaders don’t show up, but I really had no choice.

After that, I popped some Advil and hopped back into bed for the rest of the day. The Advil helped break my fever and took away some of the sinus pain.

I slept well until dinnertime, and by then my aches and pains and everything had eased by a lot. My body temperature was still a bit warmer, but I didn’t get a high fever after that. Around 6pm-7pm, I asked my family to bring home some sushi for me, and once again, I wasn’t able to taste anything. Seriously, not being able to taste anything was really driving me crazy, and it also made me want to eat more just because my taste buds weren’t being satisfied by anything.

I called it an early Friday night with some NyQuil, and it worked that time around. I tried to sleep in as late on Saturday as possible, but the dog was barking about non-stop for about an hour around 9am. So I kinda just laid in bed until I felt like I needed to get up and shower. I spent most of the day alone, up until about 3pm when everyone came home from where ever they were at.

I was feeling a lot better on Saturday: No fever, no more sinus pain, still slightly congested but no more body aches. Around 5:30pm or so, I was really bored of being at home, and figured I was strong enough to leave the house for a short amount of time. I took my little brother with me to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Honestly, I don’t really care for any of the designer shoes on the floor. When I walk in, I go straight to the clearance section to try and find some good steals. And I was lucky, because I found some New Balance Minimus Trail shoes in hot pink!!

New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes

I really love the regular New Balance Minimus shoes, which my daddy had purchased for me for my birthday last year, and I was extremely happy to find these in my size for less than $50! (Now I just need to get better, immune system wise, and get out on the trails….)

I didn’t find any other shoes that I liked, or wanted, so my brother and I went back home. Shortly after we got home, Martin came knocking at the front door. I honestly wasn’t expecting him to come down so early! But I think he came down right after work so he can join us for my birthday dinner.

I didn’t think I was going to do anything for my birthday, but by dinner time on Saturday, I was feeling ok. Still congested, but the worst part seemed to be over. I felt kind of bad for all of my friends and my family that thought we were going to be able to celebrate my birthday all hardcore. (Originally, we were going to go have some drinks at Dave and Buster’s.) But because I wasn’t 100% better, we decided to keep it local and close to home: We had a very nice dinner at Red Robin. I only had one alcoholic beverage, I think it was called the Absolute Freckled Lemonade. Something like that….

Birthday girl

For dinner, I had a mushroom burger. There is a much cooler name for it, but I can’t think of the name at the top of my head right now.

Mushroom Burger

I think good times were had by all, but by the time dinner was over, I was feeling a bit fatigued. Watching movies and relaxing at home seemed more exciting than going bowling. So that’s just what we did. We made a pit stop at Safeway to grab some beers and hard cider, and came home to watch Brave and Wreck It Ralph before heading to bed.

Martin and Lianna

Today, being my actual birthday, was even more relaxing than yesterday. Which I had no problem with. (Does that mean I’m getting old? Is this showing my age? Just kidding, heh.) Martin and I woke up around 9:15am, and we went to Palm Sunday mass at 10:30am. It was very nice, and I liked having someone to go with. I find it a bit harder to go to church alone, but I really should start going more. Martin keeps reminding me to go. I need to work out my faith priorities.

After mass, we picked up my brothers and had brunch at Holder’s Country Inn. So yummy! I ordered my usual number 3, which includes two Swedish pancakes, two sausages, two over easy eggs, and hash browns. Man, that never fails to satisfy me.

Martin and I hung out at home and watched Road Trip: Beer Pong on Netflix. I don’t know what it is about those raunchy, college movies but I found it hilarious! And it probably contained a little more boob than I was expected. Heh. We decided to take a break from movie watching to go grab some milk tea with boba at Tapioca Express and since I was craving egg rolls, I went to get 24 egg rolls from King Egg Roll. (There’s plenty of leftovers to take to work, which I am excited about…lol)

When we got home, it was family-dinner-and-a-movie-time. We watched another raunchy college flick, EuroTrip, and I found that one as hilarious as the first movie we’d watched. After movie time, Martin and Will had some game time on the PS3 before Martin needed to leave. Martin leaving at the end of his weekend visits makes me sad, and this one was no different. I don’t know when I’ll see him again, but hopefully soon! Usually we’ll have another visiting date already planned, but this time we didn’t. 😦

Even though the start of my birthday weekend was really crappy, it turned out to be a lot of fun! I really loved just relaxing and spending time with Martin and my family. Going out would’ve been just as fun, but this weekend, it was a perfect weekend to hang out and watch some good movies.

Cheers to another year! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!


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