Pretty sure I still owe this blog, like, two race recaps and a plethora of other running related entries. But alas, that has not happened, obviously.

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you guys: I’m lazy. I don’t really want to recap anything. I have my own memories, and even though I’m sure all of you guys want to read about it, I don’t want to type it all up. I also don’t want to dig up pictures from said races, go through the whole watermarking process and then finally upload them so I can post them here.

There isn’t much to say. I train, go to work, work out, spend time with family, train with family, go visit the boyfriend, and watch a crapload of Netflix.

No, really. I watch way too much Netflix than one probably should. I cuddle up on the couch in a fluffy blanket and watch as much Netflix as my little heart desires. Truth.

My parents are well on their way to their first IronMan races. I am super proud of them for coming so far on their journeys and looking forward to seeing them cross the finish lines. I also think they’re crazy. lol

My dad was extremely lucky to grab a spot in the first ever IRONMAN Lake Tahoe event, taking place in September. Big props to one of our triathlon clubs, they had extra spots available for those in the club that wanted in! This was a last minute decision; I think he’s only been registered for this race since May/June. Not much training time, but he’s doing great!

Then there’s my mom. She will be racing in IRONMAN Arizona, which is in November. Her birthday is in November, also, so I’m sure crossing that finish line is going to be a great birthday present. She’s been registered for this race since November of LAST  year, and she’s well ahead of her training schedule. She is training alongside my dad, and since he has had less time to train, she just trains on his plan.

As for myself, I train a few days a week and sometimes I sit around and be lazy. I prefer sprint distances, which don’t require me to do insane training like my parents, but also allows me some slack if I want a few more rest days than I should. Hey, I never said triathlons were the only thing in my life…. If I want to be lazy and eat ice cream for breakfast, you bet your bottom dollar that I will do it!


I got new shoes today. I think I’m going to go break them in tomorrow. With that said, I’m signing off.

Good night!



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