The Brick #1

Today was a good day.

What lovely weather we are having…

The weather was nice, and it was a perfect day to get a brick workout in.

Bike and run bricks are easier for me, since I don’t always have access to the pool at the gym. I hate sharing lanes with little old people wadding around with their noodles. I contemplated the idea of swimming tonight, but I think my body got a good workout today.

First off was a bike ride. I typically go out for 20k; it’s an easy distance and not too far for someone who’s still a triathlete noob. Since I was doing a brick, I cut it short by a couple of miles and went out for 10.

It was a fast, but hard ride. Most of the time I was riding into the wind, which was a challenge all in its own. Eh, I got through it anyway.

All in a golden afternoon

Then came the run. It’s been a while since I’ve done a brick, so I took it really easy. Like, lots of walking-and-admiring-the-scenery kind of easy. In time, my legs will be strong after that transition. Just not today. Plus, it was a little warm by the time I started my run. I took many breaks and sipped water along the way.

Snail pace 😉

Overall, an awesome brick workout. Not sure what tomorrow has in store for me yet, but I know it’s gonna be a good whatever it is.


Cleats and Shoes

Until the next one…

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