{30 Week Blog Challenge} Week 1 – A Recent Picture and Fifteen Facts About You

I’ll admit, I’m horrible at updating my blog. It’s not that I don’t have the time to do it, but micro-blogging (aka Twitter) is just so much more convenient to use. Believe me, I have drafts of a few race recaps that I really need to get going on… Instead of throwing them all out at once, I figured I’d give this 30 Week Blog Challenge a try, just to break the monotony of running/training entries.

If you’re interested in joining as well, head on over to Mom Gets Real!

So here goes Week 1 – A Recent Picture & Fifteen Facts!

Disneyland Half Marathon 2013

Taken on September 1, 2013 at the Disneyland Half Marathon

1. I am a college graduate, with a BS in Recreation.

2. I have two younger brothers, and I am the eldest.

3. I am a triathlete. I’m not the fastest out there, but I am capable of crossing the finish line.

4. Whenever I go to the mall, one of my guilty pleasures is getting an cinnamon roll from Cinnabon.

5. I drive a 2004 Ford Escape.

6. I enjoy going to the Disney parks (on either side of the United States). I used to enjoy the runDisney events, but have decided to retire after running the Wine and Dine Half in 2014.

7. I am a sucker for the DaKine brand, all of my purses/luggage are strictly this brand only.

8. I collect the Funko Vinyl Pop figures, but I am very particular about ones that I buy. (I currently have Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, TinkerBell, Agnes from Despicable Me, Mary Poppins and Wreck-It-Ralph.)

9. I like to color. Seriously, with coloring books and Crayola crayons. (I only use Crayola crayons…) However, Mandala pages are fun to color as well.

10. I can be extremely hormonal, and feisty.

11. I have a boyfriend who puts up with Number 10, and still loves me just the same.

12. My favorite body parts are my eyes and my legs.

13. I talk very loudly. I just so happen to be a loud and obnoxious person.

14. I love handmade seed bead bracelets. I am not as crafty or patient to make my own, so I usually buy them from craft fairs.

15. When I have a day off from work and training, I like to sit in bed watching Netflix all day long.

There you have it folks! Fifteen facts about me, and a recent photo. I hope you enjoyed this week’s entry, as I enjoyed writing it. Check back next week for Week 2: Favorite Movies. In the meantime, also be on the lookout for some long-awaited race recaps!


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