Race Recap: That Damn Disneyland Half

This is going to be the quickest race recap ever. True story.

I considered running the Dumbo Double Dare back when it was announced, but things had happened, and it was no longer at the top of my list. It was like, more towards the bottom, or even below the bottom of my list.

While back in January, the idea of the challenge sounded cool. But then, you know, I didn’t have money to register, and I figured I would just use my money on other things. Like, Disney trips without running. Keywords: Without running.

I had no intention to run during Labor Day Weekend, at all actually. I wasn’t even considering the half marathon. I originally had plans to go to Reno (by myself, or with boyfriend) for their rib cook off. Because that sounds a lot more fun than running. Yes, yes it does. I love food. Yes, yes I do.

My dad registered me for this race because, well, hey, if the rest of the family is getting their Coast to Coast Challenge medal, I might as well do it too. (7 of the original 8 were registered to complete the C2C Challenge during Labor Day.)

So, Labor Day Weekend slithers around, and I’m just like, whatever about it. It actually got to the point where I sometimes forgot I was doing this stupid half marathon, and I was (and still am) more stoked to sign my life away doing Tough Mudder on the 28th. Actually, I was already ready to go home the moment I set foot into our room at the Grand Californian. Seriously, it was way too hot for my own good, plus my uterus decided it was a GREAT time to be a douche.

Race day comes, it’s hot like hell, and I’m just like EFF THIS CRAP. I’M GOING TO WALK. So I walked. I think I ran like 1/8 of a mile after I crossed the start and was like, “Eh, no. Walk, walk, walk.” What PR?

Luckily, my race day was made a lot more brighter because I found my good friend, Christine, right after I started. Staying with her made the race so much more bearable, and I actually lightened up and started to enjoy it. We did a lot of walking and talking, and some running. (We even ran up that dang Ball Road overpass… Whew. That thing nearly killed me last year.) We drank lots of water, we poured lots of water on ourselves, and had a good time.

And while we were still running through the parks early on in the race, our friends JDubs and Ma saw me skipping along (Yes, I was really skipping…) and we took this picture by Paradise Bay:

Photo Op by Paradise Bay!

Ma eventually made JDubs run, and me and Christine were like, “We are so taking this easy.”

It was hot. Did I mention that already? Here’s Christine and me in all of our sexy and sweaty glory:

I have no idea what mile this is, but I feel like this is halfway through. lol

I didn’t train for this race. Because I didn’t care for it. I survived, though, which is good right? And Christine kept me company and I am so thankful for her, because I probably would’ve just fallen off on the side of the road.  THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!

So we finished in 3:40 or something like that. Or at least that’s what my Garmin says. We got all of our medals; Christine received her Dumbo Double Dare medals and Coast to Coast medal for me.

We found the rest of my family and our friends (Francis, JDubs, and Ma) waiting after the bag pick up.

We can thank social media for bringing us together!

It was great hanging out with friends afterwards. I wish we had a chance to hang out more during the weekend. I’m thinking us West Coasters need to make a visit to the East Coast 🙂

And that is the end of that.

Thank you for sitting through my rambling, which brought laughs to me as I was writing it. I have a few more race recaps that need to be written up and they’re still sitting in my drafts. Be on the look out for those!

Until next time, folks…. Live, laugh, run and tri!


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