Oakland Marathon Training: Building My Base

I took a nice, long nearly 2-month hiatus from training and all that good stuff.

It was amazing. I resurrected my social life, and enjoyed leisurely bike rides and nights out with the guys. I spent a lot of time focusing on things that needed to be done at work. I watched movies, and ate whatever it was that my little heart desired. I spent time not worrying about having to train. 

But alas, I came up with the idea to run another marathon for my birthday. I think it’s appropriate, as I’m turning 26 in March. “26.2 for 26” is slowly getting underway. The race I’ve decided to do is the Oakland Marathon, on March 23, 2014. It’ll take place the day before my actual birthday, but I can still call it my birthday run. 🙂

Right now, I’m spending the next couple of weeks building a small base to go off from. My body needs to learn the motions of running again after taking such a long break. My base, as of today, is just a mere 4 miles. It’s something to get me going, though.

Training doesn’t officially start until the week of November 18th. I’ll be following Hal Higdon’s Marathon Novice 1 training guide. I think I’m going to train myself with intervals. As much as I hate, hate, hate, hate intervals, I know I need to train smarter this time around. I’ve done a marathon before, at an astonishing time of 7:30 (I think? Somewhere around there), and this time, I’m looking to get anything faster than that. Seriously, even if it’s still 7:00. lol I know I can achieve a faster time!

So, with that said…. Here’s to the next five months of training! I’ll try to post weekly with recaps of my training, as well. We’ll see how that goes… 


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