Oakland Marathon Training: Base Building Week 1

I’m going to try and recap my weekly training as best as I can, and as long as time allows. I’ll note the week of the training, what mileage the Novice 1 plan required for the week and the actual mileage I completed. I’m determined to stay on par with this plan, and do a better job than the last time I tried to train for a marathon. 

Week of November 3 – November 9
Novice 1 Plan Mileage: 0
Actual Mileage: 15.11 miles

As I mentioned in the last post, I have dedicated the next two weeks to building my base before my actual training starts. I’ve been out of the game for nearly two months, my body has no idea what’s going on with all this running nowadays. I think it might be confused. 😛

Last week’s runs were so nice! I love running on a paved trail nearby my house, and the leaves are turning colors, so it’s a beautiful scene… I spend more time admiring it than I do worrying about my time.

I did three runs out on the trails, and one treadmill run. The treadmill run wasn’t as bad because the treadmill had its own tv and I watched Glee, and then parts of the Sharks game. lol It made time go faster, but dang, I really don’t like those treadmills! 

Overall, great first week of base training. I forgot how much I actually enjoyed running… Running in the falls is even more enjoyable because I love seeing the leaves change colors.

For those of you who are training for anything, I hope your training is going great, as well!


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