Oakland Marathon Training: [Lack of] Base Building Week 2

Week of November 10 – November 17
Novice 1 Plan Mileage: 0
Actual Mileage: 3.1 (5k) miles

Last week was definitely an off week and for the most part, it was MY BAD.

The main reason why I didn’t rack up too much mileage was because I thought it would be a genius idea to do a 27.1 mile bike ride. Monday was a Veteran’s Day, and a holiday for most, including myself. My friend and I thought it would be good to do the ride since we haven’t ridden in a while.

Honestly, I don’t know why I even considered that long of a ride; my legs haven’t been on a bike in about a month and aren’t conditioned to do a long ride like that after so long. (It’s just like running, I’m one to have to ease back into it.)

Basically, my legs felt like jelly for the two days following the ride. Not fun.

I started work again. The schedule and routine has changed, and it took some getting used to. Just for last week, I had to be at work an hour earlier because the kids had conferences. (I typically work 1:45 to 6, but last week it was 12:45 to 6.) After being away from kids for so long, getting back into the groove of working with them was a bit tiring. I forgot how much energy they are full of!

The lone 3.1 miles I picked up were from the Mermaids SF 5k run that I did with my friend from high school on Sunday, November 10. It was a beautiful and flat course. My friend had never done a 5k until then, so it was awesome to be there to witness her accomplishment. She wants to move up to a 10k now! 🙂

Anyway, so that’s last week’s recap. Not as exciting. Sorry, guys!

Marathon training officially starts tomorrow, though! Training calls for 3 miles. I think that’s doable. 🙂



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