Oakland Marathon Training – Week 2

Week of November 25 – December 1
Novice Plan Mileage: 16 miles
Actual Mileage: 9.72 miles

Remember when I did that half marathon in the previous week? Yea, it totally killed my training for a bit during Week 2.

Because of my ankle injury at the Berkeley Half, I was short about 7 miles during my training this week. I was a bit disappointed in myself for getting injured, but I managed to get some mileage in. I can’t really complain.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from training to somewhat nurse my ankle back as best as I could. Then on Thursday, I did a 10k with my family. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and my family always participates in the SV Turkey Trot. This year, my parents, baby bro and I did the 10k, while my middle bro did the 5k. I probably should’ve gone down to the 5k, but I am stubborn like that.

I didn’t bother with my “long” run of 7 miles that weekend. Instead, I did a 3.52-mile trail run with a new running group that I recently became a part of. It was gnarly. But a good run nonetheless. I would like to go back up there eventually.

(Photo courtesy of Kelvin)

Sidenote: I am so happy that I found this group. I finally feel like I’m a part of something and I totally felt welcomed by all of the members. I hope to continue my training with them!

In a nutshell: Injured ankle = less mileage. I’ve been trying to keep off of it and RICE-ing it. If anything, I will have to walk all of my required mileage for the next week or so to make sure I don’t make this thing anymore worse than it is. I’ve also put the cycle trainer in front of the TV (Netflix marathon, anyone?) so I can at least keep up with some cardio here and there.


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