The Training That Isn’t….

I’ve been faced with a hard situation: Should I run in the Oakland Marathon or defer it?

I haven’t trained in the last two (nearly three) weeks. I know my ankle is capable of some short distances and I’ve been wanting to go out and train.

Except then I got sick with some funky cold thing. Like, stuffy-head-stuffy-nose-congested-throat-sore-throat-hacking-up-a-lung funky cold.

I am just now getting over it. According to my training, I’ve definitely missed Weeks 4 and 5. Week 6 starts up on Monday. Week 7 requires a 12-mile run which I know I wouldn’t be able to handle.

So… I have until March 4 (or somewhere around there) to defer my registration for the 2014 Oakland Marathon. My question is, should I continue training with an altered plan and attempt the race, or should I defer my race and then train for something else?

This would only be my second time doing a marathon, if that means anything.


3 thoughts on “The Training That Isn’t….

  1. Not trying to muddy the waters here buuuut, you might be surprised. Sure, it’s nearly three weeks but maybe if you look at it as a challenge to be confronted, your outlook will change. You could even come up with a strategy that, while not optimal to your usual conditioning, would help you where you are right now. Things like, walking through every other aid station for not less than a minute.

    I suppose it really depends on your goals. 1. finish, 2. PR and 3. BQ? Do you think you could do goal #1, even if you have to walk more than you’d like? Or are you concerned less with #1 and lamenting #2? #3 is usually out for me as a probability, but it’s still my goal someday lol.

    So I would suggest trying to work your way back up to the mileage and catch up with the group before making your decision. You have to trust yourself that you can do this; slow perhaps but you can do it.
    If you decide against it, just make sure you’re not slashing your other three tires when you get a flat.

    • Thanks for your comment! Honestly, I just want to finish in 7 hours or under. (That is the cutoff.) I’ll be bummed about not doing it, but I have other races lined up that I don’t mind training for instead. I think I might work my way back up through training (while also training for my first Olympic triathlon in May), and see how I feel when it comes near the deferring due date. I really appreciate your input though! Thank you so much! 🙂

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