Weekly Training: Jan. 06 – Jan. 12

Running Mileage: 22.50 miles
Running Time: 5:25:14
Previous week: 10.96 miles // 2:52:44

Cycling Mileage: 0
Cycling Time: 0
Previous week: 14.64 miles // 1:29:49

01/08: Ran 4 miles with my teammate and his sister.
01/10: With Kaiser Half right around the corner (on February 2), brought the mileage up a notch by running 8 miles. Longest run to date for the year.
01/11: Did a mile time trial for the first time since October. I ran my mile faster on the track, and a lot faster. Time to beat from October was 12:45/mile. Actual time was 11:36/mile. Improvement!
01/12: Got a 10K in on the trails with more teammates.

Upcoming events:
01/19: 10-mile Race in SF
02/02: Kaiser Half Marathon in SF


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