Full Review: NYC HD Color Trio

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

I finally have a chance to sit down and fully review the NYC HD Color Trio that I received back in December! The NYC HD Color Trio came in my Jolly Vox Box from Influenster; feel free to read my overview of all the products here. I received this palette in Long Beach Sands, which has beautiful neutral shades. (More on that later in the review…)

The NYC HD Color Trio make up palette features three complimenting colors: a highlighter color, an all over lid color, and a crease color. All three colors are labeled as you can see in the above picture. However, I switch the all over lid color and crease colors so that the darker color was in my crease instead of the lighter color. Personal preference on how I like my make-up. 🙂 The NYC Cosmetics website offers the HD Color Trio in 12 different trios. In store, I think they are a bit limited; I didn’t see 12 different shade palettes, but I did see a variety!

As with many “drugstore” make up brands, packaging is pretty basic. The makeup pots are set within a plastic case and cover, and generally taped over with a seal to prevent customers from opening them. There isn’t anything special about the packaging, but it’s great that you can see the colors of the palette, which makes it easier (for people like me) to pick it out of a make up bag! The packaging isn’t bulky, either. Which means you can take your trio on the go with you, should you need to touch up or transform your makeup for later in the day!

NYC Cosmetics offers affordable make-up both online and in stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. The HD Color Trio probably won’t run you anymore than $3 or so. On the NYC Cosmetics site, the HD Color Trio retails for $2.99 each. I went to a local Target recently and they sell their HD Color Trios for $2.74. So definitely not a budget breaker at all!

Pigmentation & Application
The HD Color Trio that I was able to test was in the Long Beach Sands shades. It features three beautiful neutral browns, which can easily be built upon each other. It doesn’t take a lot of makeup to get the look you’re achieving, and a little goes a long way.

I am not new to make up at all, and I love experimenting with shades of all colors. But lately, this Long Beach Sands trio has been hitting the “makeup” spot, as it can be used every day without looking over done! Here is my “go to” look with the HD Color Trio palette:

Here pictured is my look with natural light and then with a flash from the camera.  It’s a great look for every day, and like I said, you can always build upon the shades to make it more dramatic or suitable for an evening look. I used some Sephora make up brushes to apply this, and with three shades already labeled appropriately, you shouldn’t have any problem throwing together your look!

I *love* the NYC HD Color Trio. And with such a small price tag attached, I think I might want to go purchase a few more trios! Whether you’re a makeup newb or a makeup guru, I think the NYC HD Color Trios would be perfect in your stash. The HD Color Trios are great for on to go and every day use.

Thank you, Influenster, for allowing me to try this amazing product out!


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