Early Birthday Celebrations!

Because I’ll be causing a ruckus at the Oakland Half Marathon on March 23, Martin and I decided to celebrate my birthday about a week early.

(Remember when I wanted to run 26.2 miles for my 26th birthday? That dream soon shattered once I went through a plethora of injury and illness early in the year. Not fun and I couldn’t train as much as I wanted to. But hey, running a half marathon isn’t so bad.)

Martin came down to visit on Saturday, and our first date day was to venture and explore Downtown San Jose. Martin had particularly wanted to go see the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Tech Museum. It’s scheduled to close on March 23, and this was our last chance to check it out!

I’d previously gone to visit the exhibit back when it had opened up in October, and the only thing that was different between the exhibit now and then was this guy:

Boba Fett had replaced Chewbacca recently. I forgot where Chewbacca went, but yea. Other than that, the exhibit was the same. I think Martin was slightly disappointed at how small the entire thing was. At least our exhibit admission allowed us admission into the regular exhibits. So I guess not much of a loss.

Martin and I had our photo drawn out by a robot. Can you tell who is who? 🙂

After the Tech, we decided to walk on over to Vino Vino, a wine bar that’s probably about half a mile away. The weather was so beautiful in downtown, and we grabbed a nice spot outside. We watched the cars exiting from the parking garage across the street while we enjoyed some sauvignon blanc and panini sandwiches. I ordered the smoked salmon panini and it was delicious!

After our late lunch/early dinner, we walked back to the car and drove back home. We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and catching up with each other.

Sunday was another beautiful day and on our schedule was a day trip to Santa Cruz!

Our first stop was the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at UCSC. Martin and I enjoy the little educational centers and museums; this was a new one to us! For a small admission fee, you can learn all about what research has been done or is currently happening within the Monterey Bay. Martin and I also took the short 30-minute tour to their beach outlook and to see their dolphins that they’re doing research on. I also needed the mandatory picture with Ms. Blue, their blue whale skeleton.

Our second (and unknowingly the last) stop of the day was to venture around the wharf and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We typically end up here when we want to go to Santa Cruz- I think I need to find new places for us to venture around this area!

Due to the extremely nice weather, the Boardwalk was crowded. The wharf, not so much. Martin and I spent most of our afternoon walking up and down the wharf looking at the menus, and listening to the jazz pouring out of the restaurants. (There was free jazz on the wharf on Sunday, so awesome!) Eventually, we found a restaurant to grab some drinks before heading home.

We knew there was going to be lots of heavy traffic on the way out of Santa Cruz and back towards home, so we left really early to avoid it. We got back home with just enough daylight left to enjoy. For the rest of the evening, we watched random things on Netflix, and then topped off the night with the new episode of Top Gear, which is ultimately now one of my favorite shows. heh

I really enjoyed my early birthday celebrations with the boyfriend. I am so glad that the weather was nice and we did everything that we wanted to do!

Now, it’s back to the training grind. I gotta get some short runs in before my half on Sunday, and I definitely need to get back onto my triathlon training….


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