The Week of Lazy

These type of “lazy” weeks usually come around after I’ve done a Sunday race. I don’t like to do anything for the ENTIRE. WEEK. As you know, I ran the Oakland Half Marathon on Sunday. (Here’s the recap if you’re interested in reading it!) I haven’t felt the motivation to go for a swim, bike or a run all week long.

Lazy at it’s finest.

And this week was just crazy. My life has thrown me a curveball once again, but this time, it came faster and harder. (That’s what she said… *snicker*) I prefer not to get into too much detail, but it’s taken me nearly all week to get somewhat settled in. I’m still not done settling in though. Womp. There’s lots of work to be done.

Work had me going crazy up to my eyeballs this week. Today marked the start of spring break. The anticipation has been lingering all week long. Kids were on edge and probably couldn’t wait to be off for an entire week. We usually try to keep the Fridays before break a little more low key. We put on Frozen and that was the end of that. The kids were engaged in this movie. It was cute to see them singing along to the songs, also!

Anyway, I really want to get out of my slump. Tomorrow, I have decided to do either a 30-mile bike ride or a short 2-3 mile run. I’m not sure yet. I think it will depend on the weather. Supposedly, the Bay Area is getting a rain storm coming through.

Plans for my week off of work include lots of training that I need to make up for, some hiking adventures in local places and possibly a photo shoot with my niece and nephew. I’m pretty excited, and I’m looking forward to the time off to relax.

Are you, or your kids, on spring break? What are the things you have planned?


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