The Final Week

Here it is, guys. The final week before Wildflower Triathlons! SO MANY FEELS.,

There are seven days left of training. I have one more brick workout, but most of what’s left are individual work outs. Then, the team and I are departing to Lake San Antonio next Friday, May 2nd.

I haven’t really chronicled my training journey so much on my blog as I wanted to, but I’ve tried to keep everyone in the loop via my Twitter and Instagram. Even then, I’ve avoided posting so often because honestly, my training has been repetitive. lol But a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been super supportive and encouraging throughout the last couple months, you guys are awesome! 

I hope to share my final thoughts on my training and everything leading up to my departure for the race. Or how about a vlog? Would you guys watch a vlog if I decided to put one up? I miss vlogging, but feel like nobody really watches them… Anyway, that’s my plan. Either a blog post or a vlog to share. 

It may be only 10pm, but it’s been a long day. I’m actually going to call it a night pretty soon. 

How is everyone doing? Hope life is treating you well and if you’re in training, I hope you’re out there kicking butt!


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