The Weekend Round-Up


This was the final weekend of training before taper week begins tomorrow. It actually wasn’t too intense, which was fine by me. I am not trying to get injured so close to my big race.

On Saturday, we went back to Aquatic Park in San Francisco. Meet up time was 8am. It was such a gorgeous day; the weather was sunny and the water was a nice 54-degrees. There was a group of 10 of us- 7 of us were out to get a final open water swim in before Wildflower.

Aquatic Park, San Francisco 4.26.14

I swam roughly a mile (three loops around the buoys). I’m not sure how long I was out there since I don’t have a watch to track my time. Unfortunately, I spent more time fiddling with my goggles. I wanted to try this other pair of goggles that I had to see if they would fog less. They did, however, the suction wasn’t too great and water was leaking into my left eye. The only way they would stay put was if I smashed them into my face. Guess I’ll be using my normal ones for the race.

I felt pretty strong out there. The only major issue (besides the goggles) was that I had trouble sighting as I was swimming East; the sun was facing me. But other than that, a great swim. When I was done, I swam to shore and practiced running out of the water with my suit on. That’s always the fun part. 🙂

Ready to go swim!

Today, Sunday, was a very low-key trail run. I went out with my parents and did a 4-mile loop. Well, my mom got about 6 miles, but I was only told to do about 4-5 miles based on how my body felt. I did a lot of walking since I felt my IT band starting to twinge with pain, but I got the mileage in nonetheless.

Roughly the halfway point of our loop

So taper week starts tomorrow! I’m feeling pretty good. The rundown of the week through race weekend looks like this:

Monday: Swim 500-1000 yards
Tuesday: Bike 30min-1hr
Wednesday: Bike 20 min and Run 10-20 min
Thursday: Run 20 min (easy)
Friday: Travel to Lake San Antonio and get situated at camp
Saturday: Watch all my friends/teammates in the Long Course
Sunday: It’s GO TIME, BABY!! Taking on the Olympic Course! Then go home and sleep. 🙂

It’s going to be one hell of a week, between the taper training and also work. I’m working Monday through Thursday, with late night summer camp training on Monday and Thursday. I wish I would’ve gotten Thursday off, because it would be nice to just hang out for a few days before race day, but that’s okay.

Not sure if I’ll have time to post to the blog throughout the week, but feel free to check out the happenings on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll be recording race footage (and probably pre-race weekend departure footage) so that next week I can put together a race video. (I think it’s been a year since I’ve done a race weekend vlog!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Let’s get this week going!


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