Review: First Impressions with Ignite Naturals’ INRefresh

I’ve been slacking on posting this review. The poor thing has been drafted for a while, and with this being taper week, I thought I’d finally get around to sharing!

Sometime in mid-March, Ignite Naturals contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying some of their product out. I’m always one to look into new products to fuel my slow transition into triathlon training, so I  definitely took them up on their offer.

Within about a week or so, I got a little box in the mail and received this:

Water bottle and a sampler pack!

The INRefresh Electrolytes Sampler pack had 10 little packets with various flavors: Blueberry, Dragonfruit Lemon Lime and Tangerine Passion Fruit. I was very excited to try these out, especially since the Oakland Half Marathon was right around the corner and I wanted to run with a bottle of water/electrolytes.

So here are my initial thoughts on the product:

Packaging: I love the individual packets of the flavors. I can easily stick a packet into my bag or purse without it being an inconvenience or bulky. The packets are easy to tear open and pour into your bottle.

Taste: Unlike other electrolyte tabs/powders that I’ve tried, INRefresh is packed with so much flavor! I really don’t like that watered down taste that I get with other products. I was kind of expecting the same with these, but I was wrong. I personally liked the Blueberry flavor, but enjoyed the other two, as well.

In Action: I drank the INRefresh Electrolytes throughout the week before I took on the Oakland Half Marathon. It kept me well hydrated and I often found that one packet a day or every other day kept me satisfied. When it came down to race day, I threw one packet into the water bottle (pictured) and ran with that throughout the entire race. I felt fantastic running that day, and I could definitely credit the INRefresh. I did switch between water and the INRefresh throughout the course but since I always had the INRefresh on hand, I drank more than what I would drink at a water stop. (If you’re interested, my Oakland Half Marathon recap is here.)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend the INRefresh Electrolytes to anyone who is looking for a more natural approach to their nutrition, as well as replenishing their electrolytes before, during or after a workout. Ignite Naturals is all about real food ingredients. I am still a user of gels and bars, but at least with the INRefresh Electrolytes, I know I am not entirely overloading my body with “bad” stuff.

For more information and to check out their other products, feel free to visit their website: Ignite Naturals!

Disclaimer: Ignite Naturals provided me with a free product, however this is not a sponsored post. I am not being compensated in any way for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 


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