Race Recap: Bay to Breakers

This was my first time running the San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12k event. My friend Karla wanted to run it with someone, and I was just looking for a race to do after Wildflower, so I registered as well.

We decided to right BART up to San Francisco to avoid all the congested traffic that this race was going to cause. Karla and her boyfriend, Jason, met up with me at the Fremont BART station so we can catch an early train. We missed the first train, at 6:10, but were lucky to get onto the 6:30 train.

The ride up was pretty chill, and at every stop, we managed to pick up a group of people in wacky costumes. I had no intention of dressing up in a costume; I wanted to see how fast I could run this race while weaving through all those party people. I originally wanted it to be a training run, but in the end, that never happens anyway.

We got off at the Embarcadero station and went to go find our corral entrances. Karla and I were in different corrals; she was in D, and I was in B. The corral entrances were on opposite sites, so we ended up splitting up way early, and didn’t get to run together. 😦

On the way to my corral, I found some of my FilAm Tri teammates, Rolly and Kat. Kat was starting in corral B as well, and even though Rolly had a corral A bib, he bumped down to ours.

I was definitely not aware of the flying tortillas. The entire time I passed a group of people, I assumed they were frisbees! But they were tortillas, and while waiting for our corral to start, we were all unfortunate targets of said tortillas, and even little puffy marshmallows.

The race started off super late, like 20 minutes late. I thought they had forgotten about our corral. But around 8:30, we took off.

I walked the first 1.5-2 miles with Kat and Rolly. I felt bad about leaving them but when they said it was okay for me to run, I went ahead and took off!

I got into my groove right as we got to the Hayes Hill challenge, which wasn’t much of a challenge, really. (The hills at Wildflower were so much worse.) This one was an easy, gradual climb, and it took me 7 minutes to get up because there were SO MANY people! I definitely got stuck in the party zone going up Hayes Hill.

But once I hit the top, the course opened up a lot and I was able to pick up speed.  I was feeling pretty good following the long climb up Hayes Hill. I took my gel around mile 4, and it kept me going. I tried to stop at the water stops, but unfortunately, I was always there at the wrong time- volunteers would be frantically trying to put out cups and fill them with water. It got to the point where I just skipped them all together.

Honestly, from mile 3 onward to the finish isn’t really that exciting. I got my groove around mile 3 and hit negative splits all the way to the finish:

Splits and unofficial time per my Garmin. Close enough. lol

Around mile 6, Rolly had caught up to me! 😛 He came out of nowhere and then he left me behind. Kat was somewhere behind also- she didn’t get a chance to get some running done before the race, so she was taking it nice and easy.

Rolly probably finished moments before I did. I managed to cross the line at about the same time as a hundred or so other people, and boy was the finish crowded! But I got my paperweight and then went on to wait for Karla.

First Bay to Breakers in the books! Bangarang!

2014 Bay to Breakers Finishers!

My official time was 1:39:11. Not a bad time- I did have to zig zag through a lot of people. And I walked the first 2 miles or so! But, I had a fun time, overall. I mean, I think I saw a little more nudity than I wanted to, but everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. I am considering coming back next year, but with a costume! (At least a costume that I can still run fast in…hehe)

Thanks San Francisco and Bay to Breakers for a great race!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Bay to Breakers

    • Thank you! I thought it was pretty crazy, since I don’t do too many races with a fun environment. I’m always trying to “race,” instead of have fun. That is something I need to work on. Lol

      I hope to be back next year anyway. It was a great day!

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