Transitions (aka Where Have I Been?!)

It’s been (almost) a solid three weeks since I last updated. I’ve been in yet another transitional period….. 

– The end of school meant the end of my employment with the organization I’d been with since 2012
– But it also meant the beginning of my employment with a new organization that I really enjoy being a part of!
– I spent a good part of this month training for my new position, and have successfully been in the field for about a week. 
– I’ve been training a lot for no races in particular (but now that I think about it, I really need to step it up for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove in September.)
– I unintentionally set a 5k PR. My new PR is now 31:29, which finally breaks my long standing 2012 PR of 32:52.
– I finished a crochet project that I had started way back in February. I’d post a picture but alas, the recipient of said project has not seen it. When he has, I’ll share! 
– I’ve surpassed the $1250 fundraising requirement for Team Up with Autism Speaks and the Disneyland Half Marathon. I am so glad to be retiring from the runDisney races on a good note! (But just because we’ve hit our goal, doesn’t mean we’re done fundraising. Please take a moment to consider making a donation for Autism awareness!)

That’s my life in a nutshell! Once I figure out the routine of things, I’ll hopefully get around to blogging more.


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