The Weekly Round-Up: August 17-23

I’ve attempted this once before, and I shall try it again. I’m going to recap the week’s training. Even though my season slows down in November, I feel like it’s just getting started. I have the Disneyland Half Marathon next weekend, and two weeks after that, my second Olympic triathlon. Two weeks after that, well maybe another Olympic triathlon. We’ll see. Financially, I’ll have to take a looksie at what I can do! 😛

Sunday, August 17: 
On the plan was an 8-mile run with the team. It was my first long run in a LONG time. I think the furthest I’d run between Wildflower & present was the Bay to Breakers 12k! I wasn’t sure how well I was going to hold up because I had minor aches and pains in my shin (possible shin splints?).

But I held my own and was able to run the 8 with a continuous sub-12:00 minute/mile pace. I’d never done that before! It was the first time I broke 8 in sub-1:45! So I was very proud of myself. My average pace was 11:44. Sweet. Usually I’m a whole minute slower. haha

Monday, August 18:
It was a Freakin’ 5k Monday! (The Freakin’ 5k is a time trial.) I thought I wasn’t going to beat my previous time because after that 8-miler on Sunday, my legs were heavy! But I pushed through and managed to run the 5k a whole 2 minutes faster than my previously recorded time. Man, these time trials just creep on ya, I swear!

Tuesday, August 19:
Speed work. I honestly dread Tuesdays for speed work. lol I totally failed at this week’s workout. On the schedule was 2 laps run/1 lap rest x6. I set it up on my Garmin as .5-mi run/.25-mi rest. So the two things that killed me on my workout: (1) Running in the heat. Unfortunately, I went out at a horrible time (mid-day) but that was the only chance I had between work and stuff and (2) my IT band just gave out on me and it was SO PAINFUL. Ugh! I only got through about half of my speed. No me gusta. But there is always another time. Like next week.

Wednesday: August 20:
This was a rest day, and I definitely took advantage of it. My legs really appreciated the day off, and mentally, I was able to get my head back into the game.

Thursday, August 21:
On the schedule was only about an hour run or something, but I stepped it up a notch because I have a triathlon coming up. I did my first brick workout since May!! Man, it kicked my butt, I will not lie. I rode 12 miles on the bike (with only ONE freaking hill climb, that was a challenge!) and then ran 2 miles. The 2 miles weren’t as bad, but it was really warm when I got out there. Still managed a sub-12:00 pace. Sweet! Glad to see my training paying off.

Later that night, after all the work shenanigans, I went on a hike with one of my friends from high school. We hike about 4.21 miles. Like, it was super leisurely; my Garmin tracked us at about a 20:00 pace. haha!

Friday, August 22:
This is typically a rest day. But of course, being a triathlete, you always have to do a little more! My teammate told me I needed a solid 1.5-2 hours on the bike and a 45-minute run. I had to wait until after work to do my workout because my schedule at work was all sorts of Friday funky! But I did it. I really don’t like the indoor cycle trainer but what else could I do. lol I don’t have a computer or anything to track my distance on my indoor cycle trainer, I wish I did. And on my 45-min treadmill run, I got in about 4 miles.

Saturday, August 23:
On the schedule was a 40-50 minute run. I actually took today as a rest day and I think my body will appreciate it. Given that it pretty much did two brick workouts in a row! lol

Overall, a challenging week for training, but I got through it. We’re finally in the bulk of training, and I’m just now starting to implement more brick workouts. I really hope this doesn’t kill me later… :X


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Round-Up: August 17-23

    • Eek. Sorry for the late response!

      Training has consumed up most of my life to the point where I forget to even blog! I finally got around to it and updated it with a couple of race recaps coming up.

      The weekly training has been tedious; sometimes I just want to not train because I’m so tired after work! I don’t know how to keep the momentum going sometimes. lol

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