Losing Momentum

Nike Women’s Half Marathon is in 13 days. THIRTEEN DAYS, GUYS.

I stopped following my training plan about two weeks ago. Well, mostly all of the weekly runs. But I managed to keep up with the long weekend runs up until yesterday. Meh.

I know I can finish and since this is my first time running NWHM, I am definitely not shooting for a sub-2:25 PR. Then again, I said that at Disneyland and look what happened. I’m just going to enjoy the race, since there’s 10 of us Bangarang Runners (along with my mom and aunt) running this.

Typically, I finish my season around Labor Day, with the exception of the 10k Turkey Trot that my family and I do on Thanksgiving Day. So I think that’s what is killing me right now. I really need to get my butt back into gear because I have one more half marathon after Nike….

On top of losing my current training momentum and trying to find my way back to life, I’m stuck with the life-or-death question: Do I hop on the bandwagon and register for 70.3 or no? I’ve been tossing up the idea in my head lately. Registration for the particular race I was looking into opens up at 9am on November 1. Less than a month to decide. And I know that even if I get put on the waiting list, I will most likely get into the race anyway.

Despite not having a definite answer, I’ve already researched some training plans and have considered which ones would work with my ever-changing work schedule.

I hope everyone is doing well… Will try to get back into blogging once my training schedule picks up again, if that ever happens!


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