I know, I know. It’s October, so why bother thinking about 2015?

I’m the type of athlete that plans their year around races. Yes, I am that athlete. My life revolves around a race schedule, whether I am in training or not. I will admit that even though I don’t train all the time, having a race on schedule keeps me decently motivated.

On top of that, I am very lucky to have a family that also participates in the sport so we’re always encouraging to one another and we keep each other accountable. (This makes balancing out family and training/racing so much easier!) A lot of time, we’re all out there doing our own thing anyway, so it’s always great to come back and talk about our training days/adventures! (Mine are usually not as exciting as everyone else’s, though…haha!)

ANYWAY. So it’s about that time of year that I start looking into what races I want to do next year. Surprisingly, I didn’t race as much as I thought I would this year. Hopefully that changes next year!

I’ve ultimately decided to do a 70.3 in 2015. (This goal is on par with the stupid but possibly attainable goal of doing an Ironman when I turn 30.) And I think I’m going to aim for the race that I’ve been eyeing for these last few months.

Now it’s a matter of planning around that particular date. I know I need to schedule in a couple of Olympic triathlons before this half Ironman distance. I would also love to do some running events, but we’ll see how many of those I can get in. If possible, I’d love to attempt a marathon but it would have to be after July. I wanted marathon redemption this year but injury/illness caught me at the start of my training, and also, Wildflower was my A-race.

Do you like to plan your race schedule out ahead, or prefer to ‘wing it’ as races come along?


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