December Updates

My poor little blog- I’ve neglected you! I am sorry!

December is known as my “slump” month, and the slump also hangs on over to January. Typically, I am done with my season by Thanksgiving, with December and January being my “off-season.” However, this year, that is not the case.

Our 2015 training season officially kicked off on December 7.

And since joining the Bangarang Runners last November, I’ve been on a roll with the training and racing. Granted, I am done with races for the 2014 season, but I have been more motivated than ever to continue working out and training this month. My training regime isn’t heavy, and on some days, I don’t train at all, but I’ve been getting a lot more done in the month of December than I have before! I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. To keep myself more motivated through the winter months, I’ve already signed up for a couple of 2015 races….

I guess with that being said, I can announce that I will be taking on my first 70.3 triathlon next July! Back on November 1, I sat anxiously at my computer waiting for registration to open up for the Ironman 70.3 Vineman event. My parents were waiting around as well… At 9AM on the dot, I yelled, “GO GO GO!” so that we could try to get our registration going. I was in within about 10-15 minutes of registration opening, as well as both of my parents. (Vineman, watch out! This family is coming through!)

My heart was beating that I actually signed up for a half Ironman distance race. I don’t know what I was thinking then and I still don’t know what I’m thinking now! Hah! But I am so ready to take on this race. Every time I’ve gone up to watch my parents race at Vineman, the little triathlete in me wanted to be out there SO BADLY. The only person holding me back was ultimately myself.

I actually spoke with my boyfriend about committing to this race and he kept urging me to just register and do it. Even he knew how badly I wanted this race when I was doubting myself.

Training will take a nice change of pace when the Spring months come along. I do plan on taking on the Wildflower Olympic Triathlon again next May, which will probably be one of the last “short” distance triathlons I’ll do before Vineman.

I really want to be stronger and faster on both the swim and bike, so I will be shifting my focus to those two disciplines. Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of swimming lately, mixed with running. The cycling is a little slow because I really don’t like being on the indoor trainer; I prefer cycling outdoors.

Other than that, life in general has been pretty good! I picked up Disney Infinity 2.0 over the Thanksgiving weekend, so when I get free time I try to play…. I might even get some playing time today as work was cancelled due to the Bay Area storm that’s going on!


2 thoughts on “December Updates

    • Thanks, Trish! Happy Holidays to you as well! 🙂 I’m so scared and excited for what 2015 has to bring. It’s also tempting to sign up for a lot of races that I wanna do but have to try to plan around the July race. Womp womp haha

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