Product Review: FlipBelt

A couple of weeks ago during a team training run, I realized that the running belt that I was using just wasn’t satisfying my needs anymore. Granted, I only used it to carry my PowerBar gels and car keys, but it suddenly felt too small and seemingly bounced and shifted a little too much. I started researching other belts that might work out for me. I needed a belt that would (1) hold all my little necessities: keys, 2 PowerBar gels, iPhone (occasionally, as I also have an arm band that I prefer), license/debit card and (2) not bounce or ride up my body.

Enter the FlipBelt.

The FlipBelt

I’m a few years late to the game with this product, but I am so glad to have purchased it. I had watched the videos on the official FlipBelt website, so I already had an idea of what to expect when I purchased mine.

The design of the FlipBelt is unlike most running belts you see out there. The FlipBelt ditches the buckle clips and instead, it is a tube that looks like a wide waistband from a pair of running pants. Putting on the belt is just like putting on a pair of pants. This may or not be convenient depending on what type of activities you’re doing for the day. It’s all personal preference. But even from the get-go, this belt is slim-lined and less-bulky than the belt I’d always used.

I love the feel of this belt!

Filling the belt with all my necessary running goods was quick and easy. There are four access openings on either side of the FlipBelt, and you can always rotate the belt around your body to access what you need.  If you feel the need for more security, you can flip the belt so that the access points are facing your body, hence the name. 🙂

There are four access openings. Two are shown above at front, the other two are on the back.

I used my FlipBelt both at the gym on the treadmill and on some outdoor runs. I probably didn’t have to “test” it out for as long as I did because I instantly loved my FlipBelt! At the gym, it was convenient to have everything in my FlipBelt as I went around the machines to lift weights and use the treadmill. I didn’t once have to worry about if I left my keys at the machine because they were on me the entire time! There is a dedicated little key ring hook that you can use to attach your keys to, which is nice for that added extra security.

Keep your keys safe!

As for use with the treadmill and outdoor running, I had absolutely no bouncing and nothing riding up my body! It almost felt as if there was nothing there… At one point, I really thought that maybe I lost something, but I felt around my belt and sure enough, everything was locked and secure.

Pros of the FlipBelt:
– There are a variety of colors to choose from
– Inside the tube is a key ring clip
– There is absolutely no bounce/riding up
– The snug fit, it doesn’t dig into my wide hips to create a “muffin top” effect
– The secure “locking” mechanism; because it’s so snug against your body, nothing moves when the openings are flipped in towards your body!
– Perfect for times you want to carry light and have your hands free still

Cons of the FlipBelt (based on my personal preferences/needs):
– No bib toggles. I would love to use this for a race but the belt would spend a lot of time under my shirt and mostly hidden so I would have to resort to pinning my bibs on
– The FlipBelt is probably not something I would use on a triathlon race due to the above con, and also because I don’t want to be fumbling in transition trying to put it on.

**Again, these cons are just my own personal preferences and luckily they are little things.

The verdict: The FlipBelt is now my favorite accessory in my fitness/running camaraderie of accessories. 🙂

The best thing about the FlipBelt is that it’s not just for running, working out or biking. It would be great for traveling, a day outing, or for any situation where you need to have your hands free. I also love that there are so many colors…. I think I might need to purchase all of them!

Disclosure: I purchased the FlipBelt with my own personal finances and have decided to honestly review the product without any compensation. I am happy to have added this product to my comraderie of running products and will continue to use it. The links above are not affiliated with any referral programs. If you click it, I will not receive any credit for it.


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