Friday Night Ramblings

I say this with every entry: I miss writing. I miss having a real reason to write to you guys. And like I also mention in (nearly) every entry, life has thrown some unexpected curve balls that were completely out of my control.

Not only has this little piece of the Internet been put on the back burner, but so have my daily vlogs that I’ve been posting on YouTube. I’ve posted a couple of videos over the last month, but the daily vlogs have been a little inconvenient to do. It’s mostly the editing that I can’t seem to do on a consistent basis. Filming is the fun part. Editing… Not so much.

In the end, I either toss the footage out, or let it sit on the memory card until I transfer it to my hard drive.

Right now, I’m sitting in the dining room drinking the High Water Brewing Campfire Stout…. I saw it while browsing the alcohol aisle at Grocery Outlet, and thought it would be a fun beer to try. It’s pretty yummy, and I love the hint of the s’mores flavor.

Coming back for the come back is always harder. I need to find some motivation, some inspiration….. I’m sure it’ll hit me one of these days.



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