The Hike to Tokopah Falls

The National Park Service recently celebrated it’s Centennial birthday on August 25, 2016. I was not able to celebrate the big 100th until Labor Day Weekend. My friends, Heather and Gil, and I went on a short stay at Sequoia National Park.

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Brakes, Mary Blair & Food

Ok, so I fell off the face of the blogging earth. Again. I’m beginning to get so horrible at this. I might need to start scheduling time to sit down and blog!

Today was a fun day. The boyfriend came down to visit, and also to teach me how to change my brakes. My poor Zeus (a.k.a. my Ford Escape) has been to the car doctor pretty recently for other things, but he also needed new brake pads! Instead of dropping another arm and a leg at the stealership, the boyfriend said he could come down to help me change them. 

I picked up my new brake pads on Friday. This was the first time, ever, that I’d seen what car brake pads look like: 

We actually had to wait for my car to cool down, since I drove it to my morning run with my team. Oops. But that’s okay. Unfortunately, by the time we started working on them, it was really hot. We had to keep going since we were going to drive my car to the city after. 

The first brake took some time to do, since this was the boyfriend’s first time changing my brakes. (He has never done this on an American car) but after a simple YouTube video, we were able to get started. The second brake was easier and much more faster to do after our trial run with the first brake. I’ll admit, I struggle with some of the lugnuts and also taking out some screws, but I was able to do with assistance from boyfriend! haha 

Now Zeus has spankin’ new brake pads and he doesn’t sound like he’s going to die every time I brake. 

After that, we took showers and then decided to head up to San Francisco to check out the Mary Blair exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum. The exhibit runs through September 7, but since my training is going to pick up within the next couple of weeks, we wouldn’t have been able to go see. So, today was the day! 

The exhibit was pretty neat! I didn’t realize that Mary Blair, although born in Oklahoma, actually grew up in my own hometown! (My hometown is a pretty small town, so I always wonder how people find about it.) 

We literally only spent about an hour or so wandering around the exhibit and the Walt Disney Family Museum, in general. We made our way back towards home, and stopped for dinner at Pacific Catch in Campbell. Oooh, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten one of their delicious Hawaiian Wasabi Poke bowls!

Overall, a great day! The morning run went well, the car brakes a lot more smoothly, and my belly is now full and happy. 🙂